ABOUT lucigem

Based at Macquarie University in Sydney, Lucigem produces a range of nanomaterials including fluorescent nanodiamonds and phosphorescent nanorubies. Nanoparticles developed by Lucigem’s researchers exhibit excellent colloidal stability in aqueous solutions, without any coating or functional groups. Lucigem strives to generate nanoparticles with well-characterised physical and chemical properties, which ensure reproducible results.

At Lucigem, it’s unmatched quality and attention to detail that set us apart.

Lucigem products

Our products include a range of fluorescent nanodiamonds and phosphorescent nanorubies.  Applications for fluorescent nanodiamonds include:

  • Imaging in life science research
  • Therapeutics/biomedical
  • Biotechnology/bioanalytical
  • Quantum technologies
  • Sensing at nano and macro scales
  • Advanced polymers

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