Dr Louise Brown

A/Professor Louise Brown (CTO)

Lead research scientist for processing of nanodiamond material and development of life science applications; has over 10 years experience in the field of bio-labeling and leads the development and characterisation of new nanoparticle product lines for biological applications.


Dr Carlo Bradac

Expertise in quantum optical characterisation of diamond and other materials. Focused on developing and characterising materials for quantum technologies, single-particle probing, magnetic sensing, biomedical imaging and other microscopy applications.


Prof James Rabeau (CEO)

Scientific direction and strategy; James has a unique combination of research and business skills and experience. He has led research teams in quantum and biological applications and fabrication of nanodiamond materials, and himself has expertise in diamond fabrication and measurement in quantum and biological applications. Since 2007, James and Louise, together with post-docs and students, have pioneered the development of fluorescent nanodiamond.